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How to Compress JPG Online in 3 steps

You can compress the file size of multiple JPG photos with high quality using our online JPG compressor. This convenient tool enables efficient file size reduction while preserving the image's quality and without losing Exif data. There's no need to upload files or sign in – just follow these steps.

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Choose JPG Images

Click the 'Choose Files' or 'Select Folder' buttons to upload your JPG images, or drag & drop into the dotted area.

Start Compression

Start compression

Choose the compression degree, i.e., high, medium,low, or custom. After selecting, press "Compress" button to process.

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Download the files

Once the compression is done, you can download the JPG images at once or one by one.

High-Quality JPG image Compression

Online JPG Compressor is a simple and free web application that lets you to compress your images to reduce file size without losing the quality. You can use JPG Compressor to reduce many file formats quickly and reliably, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, GIF, and BMP. Opt for either Lossy optimization to significantly reduce file size or Lossless optimization to preserve the utmost quality. Give it a try and see the results for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reduce JPG file size online?

You can efficiently compress multiple JPG image file sizes while maintaining high quality by using our online image compressor.

What are the steps to reduce JPG file size?

1. Select or drag and drop the JPG file onto the tool.
2. Preview the chosen JPG files.
3. Compress the JPG size using the desired compression degree, i.e., high, medium, or low.
4. Or, select custom size from the dropdown menu.
5. Download your compressed JPG file.

How to Bulk reduce JPG image filesize?

You can use the HiCompress JPG compressor to batch compress multiple JPG images in bulk. First, use the “Choose Files” or “Select Folder” buttons to select many JPG images, or simply drag and drop them into the designated dotted area. Next, Select the target quality and click on "Start Compression" to begin the batch compression process. After the compression is complete, you can download the JPG files one by one or get the ZIP file.

Is it safe to compress JPG image files online?

Of course, our JPG compressor is 100% Private; all the compression happens in the browser. Since your images are compressed in the web browser without our server ever knowing about them.

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