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how to resize an image pixels online?

It is a free online Image Tool that allows you to resize images in pixels. You can also convert, reduce, and compress images with HiCompress Image Tool. Using this tool, you can resize JPEG and PNG images. The tool also provides lossless compression to images. which will lead to lighter images, that will be easier to upload on any website, send by mail or share on any social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online Image Pixel Resizer

Image Pixels Resizer Online changes the dimensions (width and height) of images, while maintaining their original quality and transparency. An easy fix to scale images down in size for website improvement or sharing on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

How to resize images?

That's easy! Follow these three steps: Upload your image.
Set up the new parameters as height, width, % of the size.
Click the Start button and get your file ready downloaded on your device.

Can I resize (convert, optimize) images in bulk?

Our tool is designed for efficient resizing of numerous images at once. By permitting simultaneous upload of diverse images and letting you preset your desired sizes, it greatly accelerates your workflow and minimizes effort.

Will the Image Pixels Resizer have any SEO benefits

Absolutely, resizing your pixels images for SEO optimization. Well-sized images will help the performance of your site, and this may also lead to better search engine ranking positions.

Is my photo safe?

Your photo is completely safe, and stored temporarily in your browser local storage. Your photos are not sent on any external servers.

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