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Reduce your JPG, JPEG, WEBP or PNG photos to 300KB without sacrificing quality. Simply drop your images below to compress them to 300KB in seconds.

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How to resize image to 300KB in 3 steps ?

If you want to compress JPEG,JPG,PNG photo to 300KB for job applications, admissions, or government portals, you’ve come to the right place. Compress multiple image files to 300KB without sacrificing quality with just one click. You can choose to download your optimized images individually or as a convenient ZIP file. This tool allows you to compress image to 300KB in very simple steps.

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Click the 'Choose Files' or 'Select Folder' buttons to upload your JPG, JPEG, WEBP or PNG images , or drag & drop the files into the dotted area.

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Enter 300KB as your desired size and then press the "Compress" button to begin the process. HiCompress will instantly and automatically compress your image to 300KB.

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Once the compression is done, you can download the files at once or one by one.

Easy-to-Use Image Compressor to 300KB

Set yourself free from the complexities of image compression work with HiCompress’s free image compressor! Just drag or select your batch of image files on our photo compressor to 300KB, and they will be converted to 300KB photo size within seconds. Upload your files here and resize images to 300KB effortlessly right away!

Batch Compression: Compress Multiple Images to 300KB at Once

Why manually compress each image when you can efficiently process a batch all at once? With HiCompress photo compressor to 300KB tool, you can streamline your workflow by compressing up to 100 images simultaneously, ensuring each meets the 300KB size requirement. This feature is perfect for government portals, job applications, or academic submissions, promising speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to compress image to 300KB size or less?

Use our web-based photo compressor tool to reduce your image size to 300KB. Simply upload your picture, and with just a few clicks, you'll get a high-quality image compressed to 300KB.

How many Images Can I compress to 300KB?

Use our online photo compressor to 300KB tool; you can batch reduce the filesize of your images up to 100 images at once.

What image formats are supported by the Image compressor to 300kb?

Currently we are supporting only these image formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP

Is compressing images to an 300KB online secure?

Yes, Compressing images to 300KB size on our website is secure; all the compression happens in the browser. Since your images are compressed in the web browser without our server ever knowing about them.

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