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How to convert HEIC to WEBP online in 3 steps

Transform your HEIC files to WEBP format easily and for free with HiCompress's online HEIC to WEBP converter. The user-friendly interface of our tool offers a seamless conversion journey, allowing you to transform HEIC files into WEBP format effortlessly with just a few simple clicks.

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Simply upload or drag and drop your images into the browser.

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Start Conversion

Choose your desired output format for the image conversion. Click the 'Convert' button, and your HEIC files will be converted to the WEBP format.

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Once the conversion is done, you can download the files at once or one by one.

High-Quality HEIC to WEBP Converter

Converting HEIC to WEBP formats in bulk online has never been easier! our HEIC photos to WEBP converter will not distortion your image quality during the HEIC to WEBP conversion process. HiCompress allows you to convert HEIC to WEBP without losing quality when using our WEBP photo converter. you can also change HEIC to WEBP image formats in bulk. No more slow conversion processes that limit your files to one photo at a time. Begin your journey now by using our WEBP converter to transform HEIC images into WEBP format!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to convert HEIC to WEBP file?

Start by selecting "Choose Files" button or drag and drop the images into the dotted area. After uploading the images, click "Start Conversion" to change the files from HEIC to WEBP format. Once the conversion is complete, click the download button next to each file to download the newly converted WEBP images.

What is the best HEIC to WEBP converter online?

HiCompress is the best online application for converting HEIC files to WEBP without the need to download any software or plugins. This image converter is available online, supports over 100 image formats, and offers the highest quality conversions.

How to Bulk Transform HEIC to WEBP?

You can use the HiCompress image converter to batch convert multiple HEIC files to WEBP format in bulk.
First, use the “Choose Files” or “Select Folder” buttons to select any number of files or drag & drop them into the dotted area.
Then, choose the target format and click on "Start Conversion" to begin the batch conversion process.
After the conversion is complete, you can download the WEBP images one by one or get the ZIP file.

Can I keep all EXIF metadata in batch converted images?

sure, You can keep Exif data in the process of conversion. Our photo converter supports this.

Is my file secure when I convert images with your tool?

Of course, our HEIC to WEBP converter is 100% Private; all the conversion happens in the browser. Since your files are converted in the web browser without our server ever knowing about them.

File Format description


High Efficiency Image Format

An HEIC file is a High-Efficiency Container Image file format that can store multiple images as a collection in a single file. The format was adopted by Apple as variant of the HEIF with the launch of iOS 11. It was adopted as the default file format for storing images in compressed form on mobile devices. HEIC, like HEIF, are compressed using the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard and are smaller in size without compromising the quality.

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Raster Web Image File Format

WebP, introduced by Google, is a modern raster web image file format that is based on lossless and lossy compression. It provides same image quality while considerably reducing the image size. Since most of the web pages use images as effective representation of data, the use of WebP images in web pages results in faster loading of web pages.

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